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Cerec™ is a method of CAD/CAM dentistry used to produce restorations in teeth. Using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing), It allows a patient to book a single appointment for a crown, inlay or onlay restorations.  This method produces a 3-Dimentional image of your tooth/teeth, and gives us the flexibility to create a proper functioning tooth through design and milling.  We can also custom colour your prosthetics so that they match your other teeth perfectly.  No more lab visits, multiple appointments, and temporary solutions.


At Hune Kaye Dental, we use electronic digital sensors in place of conventional film x-rays. This technique allows us to capture an image within seconds. The digital aspect also allows the dentist to enlarge, rotate and adjust contrasts to different levels to aid in diagnosis.
Using digital x-rays, we are able to:

• Reduced radiation exposure of up to 90% from traditional systems
• Refine, Enhance and Manipulate image quality
• Diagnose concerns more accurately
• Transfer x-rays out for referrals and specialists easier
• Wait time is reduced because of instant results.  No waiting for film to develop.
• Reduces the use of chemicals and impact on the environment.

Although digital x-rays offer reduced exposure.  We here at Hune Kaye Dental still practice the philosophy of minimal exposure.

We offer two types of digital x-rays.  The first is more familiar where small square sensors are placed into the mouth and the images are taken.  The other type is a full mouth x-ray.  This x-ray is called a Panoramic x-ray.  It allows us to see your jaw, teeth, troublesome wisdom teeth, and so forth.


Magnification Dentistry is achieved with the use of either surgical loupes or dental microscopes.

Both of these methods allow the operator to see details that would otherwise not be visible to the naked eye.  It also offers optimal lighting when providing treatment.  The use of magnification offers many benefits including by not limited to better posture and comfort for the operator, high precision treatment, additional treatment options, and overall quality care to each and every patient.


At Hune Kaye Dental, we pride ourselves in offering full educational
tools for our patients.

With intra-oral photography, we can show the patient exactly what we see.

We feel that it offers a level of comfort to the patient to know why we are suggesting specific treatments.

Intro-oral photography can show patients wear and tear on their teeth, crack lines or fractures in teeth and receding gum lines.