Our team is dedicated to providing the finest quality
dental care to the children in our community.

Dr. Austin Kaye

Dr. Austin Kaye graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, in 1991. He maintained a private practice, and provided hospital dentistry in the Northern Ontario town of Kapuskasing.

Austin and his wife, Dr. Grace Hwang, (also a dentist) moved to Oakville to raise a Christ-centred family, and considers Oakville to be a wonderful community. They have three fun loving daughters and enjoy spending time together. Austin enjoys photography, family camping, golf and playing guitar.

Dr. Kaye believes hist patient's teeth are important to them and endeavours to provide high quality dental care for the entire family. He enjoys all areas of dentistry and developed a great depth of experience from his tenure in Kapuskasing. He is commited to help his patients achieve an excellent level of oral health.

 Dr. Kenneth Hune

Dr. Kenneth Hune has been a paediatric specialist in Oakville since 1973. He has taught at the Faculty of Dentistry in the graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Toronto, as well as being a clinical dentist at the Hospital for Sick Children and Hugh MacMillan Centre in Toronto. Associate general dentists and paediatric dentists have been in the practice since then.

For fifteen years, Dr.Hune was the primary dentist involved with the care of the residents of the Oaklands Regional Centre in Oakville, and he has continued to serve our community through the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. He has belonged to and participates in all Canadian and American paediatric organizations and locally he is a Past President of the Halton Peel Dental Association. Preventive and group practice dental organizations as well as the International Association for Orthodontics have also occupied his energies. Dr. Hune is married and has four children.


Restorative Hygienist


From Left to Right: Gabi, Vicky and Laryssa


From Left to Right: Heather, Brenda, Serena and Martha


From Left to Right: Roxanne and Tammy